Our History

Louie Krogman was born on January 18, 1902 in Sibley, Iowa.  He was the seventh of fifteen children. In 1906, his father, Frank Sr., his mother, Agnes, and family moved from Iowa to a little place called Dixon, SD. On May 10, 1917, the family moved to Mellette County and homesteaded ten miles north of White River, SD.  On the ranch, Louie helped with the horses. One season his father shipped thirteen carloads of horses back to Iowa to be sold at auction. When Louie was young, his father always had 75 to 100 broodmares on the place. They always had 12-15 stallions in their stud barn, which were mostly work horses. Louie and his father would go around the countryside breeding outside mares for other farmers.

In 1930, grass was short so Louie, his dad, and his brother went looking for grass. They liked the land south of White River that did not have any fences, so they leased land along the Little White River.  Louie lived in a dugout on this land for three years tending to cattle and horses. 

In 1934, Louie married Lillian and to this union three children were born (Ronnie, Barbetta, and Dorothy).  The family lived in a 12X14 shack west of the Little White River until Louie later bought a place on the east side of the river, which is where Louie Krogman ranch is today. Louie always ran a lot of horses on his place. One summer he sold 2500 head of horses off of his ranch. He sold 600 to a man by the name of Art Watson in one day. That same fall he sold 728 through the sale ring in White River, which Louie owned.
In 1949, Louie married Eunice and to this union five children were born (Stanley, Casey, Steve, Lorena, and Neil).  Eunice is now 94 years old and still living on the ranch. Louie was a horseman and he owned and raised several different types of horses on his ranch throughout the years. His Quarter Horse business began at the 1950 Denver Stock Show when he bought the AQHA yearling stallion, Tom B Glover, who stood Grand Champion at halter that year. Louie kept many mares out of Tom B Glover and built his Registered Quarter Horse herd from that foundation. At that time, AQHA inspected the mares and the ones approved were simply called “Krogman Mare.”
Louie always had a goal of having a ranch horse with speed. He raced several horses from 1953 until 1976. Two of his favorite Quarter Horse race stallions were Leo 3 and Folly Bird. Their progeny went on to excel at rodeos in barrel racing and roping events. Over the years there was a shift away from the race horses with the use of Paprika Pine, Zippo Blue Pine, Smart Little Romeo, Playlight, and Watch Jo Pac. 
The Louie Krogman family has grown and grandchildren are now a big help in keeping the ranch going.  Steve, Lorena, and Neil, each of their spouses and their grown children, along with Ronnie and his daughter Janelle, own stallions and mares on the ranch.  

In addition to horses, cattle have also always been a focus on the ranch. In the early years, primarily hereford cows were raised, but now the ranch consists of black Angus and black baldy cattle. For the past several years, the calves have been sold on Superior Livestock. 

Louie passed away on December 6, 1991 and his legacy continues through his eight children and numerous grandchildren. 

Eunice Krogman

In Loving Memory...

Eunice Krogman, 94, of White River, SD passed away on Monday, September 7th, 2020.

Eunice Amanda (Gunner) Krogman was born March 14, 1926 to Gustaf and Signe (Johansson) Gunner at their home northeast of White River.  Mrs. Mueller, a friend and neighbor, helped deliver Eunice. Gus went to town to get the Doctor, but he arrived too late to assist with the delivery.  Eunice was told, her Dad took the Doctor back to town and the Doctor STILL charged him.  Eunice was greeted at home by her brother Carl (Swede), and sisters Christine, Mabel and Vera Mae.  When Eunice was 8 years old she lost her best friend and sister, Vera Mae, to a childhood disease.

Eunice went to school at White Mountain School for 1st and 2nd grade.  The school closed due to lack of students so Eunice rode the MaComber Bus to White River School.  When she was in the 7th grade the Gunners moved to White River.  Eunice was seen on numerous occasions riding her horse, Flossie, around town or out to the country to visit her sister, Mabel.   When not on a horse, she was on a bicycle…usually with a friend riding on the handle bars!  In May of 1944, Eunice graduated from White River High School.  After graduation she got a job at the Mellette County Courthouse as Deputy Treasurer.  When Eunice was 21 yrs old she lost her mother, Signe, to a heart condition.

On August 24, 1949 - 23 year old Eunice married Louie Krogman and moved to the ranch south of White River.  She instantly became a Mom to teenagers Ronnie, Dorothy, and nine-year-old Barbetta.  Eunice often gave credit to Dorothy for teaching her to cook for a bunch of men.  A year later, Stanley joined the family, followed by Casey, Steve, Lorena and Neil.  During these years Eunice stayed busy cooking for her family and hired men, raising chickens, milking cows, and supporting Louie in his horse and cattle endeavors. She continued her love for horses and cattle and was excited to go to the pasture to see the colts & calves every chance she got.  She was inspirational in making Krogman Quarter Horses what it is today.  She cherished the “horse” friends she made during the years. Regardless, if they showed up at her doorstep to look at horses or at the Annual Krogman Horse Sale.

Eunice attended ball games and rodeos that her kids and grandkids were involved in and always asked “How did they do?,” when she could not be there. Her grandkids were very important and she loved to spoil them with food.  Cookies, pie, cake, pop, bread, cinnamon rolls, etc… And she always had a frozen pizza, “that would just take no time at all!"  
She also, LOVED horse races!  When she was young she told of having to quickly give her horse a bath so her Dad would not know she was racing her horse.   In her later years, during her fight with dementia, TVG Network Horse Racing kept her entertained.

Eunice loved to have FUN.  She had several stories about her bus trips and with her sister-in-law, Mary. She told of the many times they got in trouble on bus trips because the bus had to wait for them.  They would get “lost” or lag behind looking at things they found interesting. She was always ready for a game of cards. Family would often meet at her house, usually during bad weather, for a game of “Aggravate your Neighbor."  She subscribed to the Rapid City Journal because she liked the “funny paper."  After all, Steve was named after Steve Canyon - who was her favorite comic strip at that time.  Eunice loved her hollyhocks that usually grew so tall that she had to cut paths so her “view” of the barn was not blocked.  Her chickens, cats, and dog were also very important to her, and gave her pleasure for several years.  She had “HER” way to feed all her special animals and you best not improvise!

Over the years, Eunice was a member of Riverview Club, Mellette County Cattlewomen, Rebekah Lodge, Cottonwood Ladies Aid, Historical Society and Senior Citizens.  All activities and appointments had to be scheduled around her “club meetings”.  At these meetings she was loved by all because she always gave you a reason to LAUGH!!  Dominos at Senior Citizens was always entertaining because Eunice was always thinking of some way to cheat! She was always considerate and kind and never-ever missed saying “Thank You” for absolutely everything, even when the dementia made life so difficult.  When she would get a Thank You in the mail her first thought was to mail a Thank You for the Thank You she received!

Eunice was the last of her generation to enter Heaven.  Her wish to be riding horses again has come true... and “Flossie” is probably in a full sweat!


Past Stallions

Louie's Stallions Throughout the Years

  • Half Bar-son of Three Bars TB

  • Pokey Dad - by Pokey Dun, grandson of Poco Bueno

  • Buckaroo Jess - by Sitting Bull 

  • Toad McCue - by Toad, grandson of Joe Bailey

  • Krog's Star - by Baldy Pat Star by Pat Star Jr

  • Wyom - son of Krog's Star and out of a daughter of Texas Tom

  • Clab's Bar Leo - by Royal Fun by Royal Bar

  • Leo 3  - by Delleo by Leo

  • Krog's Leo and Krog's Laddy - both sons of Leo 3

  • Folly Bird - by Good Bird TB and out of a daughter of Bob's Folly

  • Sugar Pierre - by Lucky Pierre and out of a daughter of Sugar Bars

  • Majestic Spinner - son of Majestic Dell and out of granddaughter of Sugar Bars

  • Redmount Blue - by Keep The Fire by Robert Redford

  • Paprika Pine - by Barry Pine by Poco Pine

Past Stallions Owned By The Louie Krogman Family

  • Docs Shady Blue - by Redmount Blue

  • Watch Pep Up - by Watch Joe Jack

  • Zippo Blue Pine - by Zippo Pat Bars

  • Smart Little Romeo - by Smart Little Rondee

  • Douglas Don - by Paprika Pine

  • Krogs Leo Mount - by Redmount Blue

  • Heza Valentine Pine - by Aledo Blue

  • Watch Jo Sunup - by Watch Jo Pac

  • Lenas Shining King - Lenas Shining

  • Krogs Shady Pine - by Docs Shady Blue

  • Watch Jo Pac - by Watch Jo Jack Cody

  • Krogs Blue Limo - by Docs Shady Blue

  • Krogs Majestic Blue - by Zippo Blue Pine

  • Smart Little Finch - by Smart Little Romeo

  • Playlight - by Grays Starlight



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